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Hey all.

My previous car was a Nissan S15, built for track and street duties. Served me well but I sold so I could get an RX-7. Well instead of doing that, I've invested the money and bought an MX-5 instead. Should keep me entertained for the next 6 months or so, that's when I'll hopefully get my rotary fix.

Modifications so far:
  • 1.6L Engine from the NB6 (solid lifters, cam/crank angle sensors, etc...)
  • Extensively ported head
  • 280 degree camshafts with 10.5mm lift
  • Oversized valves
  • Stronger valve springs
  • Toda adjustable cam pulleys/gears
  • HKS headers
  • Toyota AE101 ITBs
  • Garage Star/T3 ITB adapter
  • T3 Velocity Stacks
  • UNI filters
  • Outwears filter booties
  • Innovate MTX-L
  • Relocated brake prop valve
  • NB 5-Speed gearbox
  • Lightened flywheel 3.5kg
  • Cusco 1.5way LSD
  • 4.778 diff ratio
  • Every nut and bolt re-zinc plated
  • Painted block
  • MegaSquirt DIYPNP ECU
  • Bluetooth ECU Connection
  • Custom ECU mounting
  • Toyota COPs
  • CNC cut COPs bracket
  • OBX dual feed fuel rail
  • Aeromotive FPR
  • Short shifter
  • Custom wiring harness, body and engine
  • FD3S RX-7 fuse folder
  • Dedicated engine fuse/relay panel
  • Flex-a-lite 16" thermofan
  • 42 Draft Designs Catch Can
  • GarageStar radiator cooling panel
  • 52mm aluminium radiator
  • MX-5 Plus custom exhaust
  • Yellowspeed Racing coilovers
  • Broadway Mirror
  • Frame Rail Braces
  • Low-Profile Headlights
  • Garage Vary front lip
  • Project-G Bikini Top
  • Carbon fibre side mirrors
  • Side Skirt Diffusers -
  • R-Package rear lip
  • MX-5 Plus offset number plate bracket
  • Genuine hard top
  • Hard top brackets
  • KG-Works cluster
  • Vented front window
  • Momo Team 280mm steering wheel
  • Sparco Sprint V fixed back seat
  • MX-5 Plus Tall Boy roll bar
  • Whiteline sway bars
  • Genuine strut tower brace
  • Hankook RS-3 225/45/15 tyres
  • OG-San 15x8 +25mm with 5mm spacers to make it +20mm

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