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Had all four guards rolled yesterday, so the inner lip is now flat. Work was done by FineFitment and I can definitely recommend them to anyone that needs some extra clearance for wheels.

Car jacked up ready for some guard work =)

Also took a quick photo of the MX-5 Plus exhaust, love the lobster tail TIG welding!

Guard roller mounted up ready for action.

Before and after shots of guard inner lip.

MY BRAND NEW WHEELS!!!!! Axis OG-San 15x8 +25
I ordered Axis OG-San wheels from JDMYard, they were by far the cheapest I could find. Email response was fast and shipped out the next day. Definitely recommend them =) . The Axis OG-San wheels are replicas of the SSR Formula Mesh, which are the replicas of some BBS wheels. I ordered them in 15x8 +25 gold finish.

For tyres, I've again chosen to go for maximum rubber instead (like my S15) of the stretched look. But I also wanted to avoid getting semi-slicks or R-Compound tyres for a car that I will most likely drive on a daily basis. So I decided on the Hankook R-S3 in 225/45 R15. These were hard to source in Australia and they sell for $335AUD, compared to $110AUD from TireRack in the US. After shipping and other fees, the tyres cost me just under $200AUD each landed at my door. Total saving of $540!!

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