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So a small update, some good news and some bad....

Bad news first.
Turns out that the valve stem seals are starting to leak, after doing a Mt. Nebo run it lost around 800ml of oil.... When engine braking/overunning, it causes a lot of vacuum and this sucks oil past the leaky valve stem seals and into the cylinders. As soon as a I step on it again, big puff of blue smoke escapes as the combusttion burns up the oil. As you can imagine, this happens a lot during a mountain cruise =)

Have added up all the costs for gaskets/seals and it is very doable, I will be removing and installing the head myself but all head work will be left to the machine shop. Quickly did a compression test yesterday and everything is well, helps rule out piston rings.

Now the good part...

Recently decided to order some wheel spacers, 5mm to be exact. Nothing crazy but they came up for cheap so I took the opportunity. They are made specifically for the MX-5 and are hub-centric too, sit perfectly flush against the hub with no play at all.

Just some photos of the spacer and how the car now sits.

Visited MX-5 Plus today, like nearly every weekend, and picked up some offset number plate brackets. The standard number plate bracket is flimsy and often bashes against the front bumper, leaving behind scars/scratches. The MX-5 Plus bracket is thick as well as placing the number plate to the side, definitely over-engineered.

Richard unpacking the freshly laser-cut bracketsm, mmmmm tasty.

The bracket is all it's glory, plus hardware.

Original bracket removed, and the MX-5 Plus bracket installed. Mounts to the left tow-hook.

All done and looking good =)
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