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Engine Out -

After receiving my cylinder head back from Chilton Engineering, they informed me that my head was no good. The head tested too soft, which meant it overheated some time in the past, valve springs were damaged, valve seats were damaged. Pretty much scrap metal... To purchase a second hand head would cost around $500-$600, whereas buying an entire engine would cost $800 and also means I'll be replacing this "short nose crank" engine with a later model "big nose crank" engine. I obviously decided to go with a replacement engine =)

I was initially planning to remove just the engine and leave the gearbox in but this proved to be more difficult, so both engine and gearbox will be removed as a unit. The following had to be disconnected from the gearbox:

  • neutral switch wiring
  • reverse light switch wiring
  • speedo drive cable
  • clutch line
  • Power Plant Frame
  • shifter

While under the car, I also drained the transmission fluid so that it doesn't leak too much as we tilt the gearbox out of the engine bay.

Some photos now:

Bonnet removed to make it easier to work one.

Radiator and fans removed.

Exhaust headers removed.

Shifter removed revealing ripped shifter boot.

The damaged head... =(
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