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Default Re: ride height issues on brand new coil-overs

arrrrrhhhhh your jokin !! i really hope i haven't, i was going to put it on the road next week . There are two collars which the springs sit on which move up and down , there is no thread on the damper body or anything like that but i will take a pic later after i finish work so you can have a look an see if anything looks abnormal .
can an anti roll bars or bushes affect ride height ? because on the second time i installed them i got abit lazy as i was in a rush an didn't bother to undo the anti-roll bar drop link , i just got a scissor jack and put it between the hub and the arch an just wound it down so i could slot coil straight in , silly thing to do really because it looked under alot of strain lol could this affect it ?

the coil-overs are FK high-sports from

cheers for all your replys
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