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I've just heard of them having all sorts of odd reliability problems, and some of the fanboys are utterly impossible. Personally if I was looking for cheap comfy transportation that could handle well I'd look at 90s Accords and Civics, though those are FWD. Or maybe a Buick Roadmaster estate wagon on coilovers? That would be... interesting.
Dirt cheap. I sit on a couch during my 126 mile round trip commute in a car that can get out of its own way and sit at an 80mph cruise control and it has never (knock on wood) left me stranded. The stock speakers are better than my stock 2014 subaru speakers. I don't give a shit hoe many times someone taps me while parallel parking. And if something significant breaks, I can find it on Craigslist for 5 bucks.
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