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Default Fill's Very Slow Build

Hello, I'm Phil, been a dormant member here for a while now, been wanting to make a build thread. It's probably better that I do this almost four years into ownership of the car, because if I had started this when I first got it, it would've been a very slow and unexciting thread haha.

I picked up my car on Cinco De Mayo, 2013. I was 19 years old and this was technically my second car. My first car being a 1986 Toyota Cressida that I'd only owned for a week and was in way over my head, ended up taking a huge loss on it, especially for being a teenager working part time minimum wage. Bought it for 1100, sold for 300, took me a year to save up and buy my roadster next after doing more research and learning more about cars and how they work.

Taught myself how to drive manual in it, took a couple weeks to get comfy with the car. Bought for 1800, had a torn soft top with no window, no stereo/speakers, bald tires, torn seats, an ebay steering wheel, and a bunch of other little issues. Looking back, it was a piece of crap, but I had done my homework and saved my pennies and bought a car that got me to work every day, so I was proud.

Rebuilt the shifter, got a head unit from a friend and some speakers off crutchfield, got a used softtop off a friend that tore immediately, bought another soft top without the frame and tried to put it on myself (giant headache and a big mistake). Ended up having to call it quits half way since it got dark and I was doing it at my friend's house and he left to see his girlfriend anyway. Was super stressed out since it had been raining a lot lately. Immediately searched craigslist and found and NB soft top that looked solid in san diego. Drove down and got it the next day for $400. (Bit overpriced but I was desparate)

Got second hand racelands once another friend upgraded his coils.

Got SUPER lucky and found a red hardtop for $500 off someone who didn't know the value of it. Was a great feeling after going through such a hassle with soft tops and swore I would never go back to a soft top.

Then I got a garage star spoiler for another steal off a friend

In the mean time I had been trying to get some wheels I liked, but I never really liked 15s, and that was all I ever saw with my limited knowledge of roadsters. Ended up getting some Celica Supra wheels off a friend for cheap since they were 14. Got adapters for them and test fit them once, wasn't happy as I couldn't really find/afford tires and wasn't super happy with the look of the wheels.

So I sold them and went back to stock wheels. One day while helping my friend with his car I was feeling inspired (impulsive) and ended up stripping out my power steering and my A/C that didn't work.

Kinda regret the A/C but not really. I wanted the car to be as easy for me to work on as possible. Still sucks with socal summers though. (currently in the process of getting a daily as of now, 2017)

Another friend got me a deal through some kind of weird ass trade and I got a set of IMS wheels(?) idk they were cheap so I figured why not.

Around this time, my engine took a big dump, being a 1990 with a SNC. Took out a small loan for a new engine and to survive some time off work while I swapped it. Stayed out of town at my friend's house and went to work with him every day since he owns a mechanic shop. Took about a week and a half, and with his help, was not too difficult. (I had no idea what I was doing)

After that fiasco was finally over, I decided I wasn't really happy with the wheels I had being 15s, but I was feeling impulsive again and traded them for some of the shittiest, most basic wheels.

Probably the worst the car ever looked tbh. Also got that r package spoiler that I wasn't sure if I liked or not.

Finally, after two or so years of looking at kaido racers and other japanese cars on 14s, I devoted my efforts to trying to find a set of SSRs. Got a very good deal on a pair of 7J C type MK2s off of a guy named Elliot/Kevin in Las Vegas.

Three tries and three headaches later I finally figured out I needed different lug nuts for them, and that I needed to shave my brake calipers to clear them.

Starting to improve but still a ways off from where I wanted. For whatever idiot reason (again, impulsive) I jumped on Jet Stream headlights as soon as I saw them being made for retail back in that initial group buy. Was super stoked cause I loved how they looked, but realized soon that they were not what I wanted for my car as they did not fit the look I was going for, and sold them to a friend.

After making some new internet friends I found another pair of MK2s, this time 6.5J A type, bought from my friend Nathan. (N/Athan on here) Also bought a pair of EC works mirrors off of a local socal guy.

Car looked decent at this point, and I had a long hiatus from buying things for it as I had just moved out with my girlfriend.

Super happy, as up to this point I had never even had a place to park my car, let alone work on it, because I had been living with my parents in a tiny apartment and parking on the street. At some point I developed a cooling leak and got air trapped in my system. After spending countless hours and throwing money at the car for the wrong parts (replaced all hoses, rad, water pump, and tstat), finally figured out the air bubble problem. Very relieving but also annoying haha. Shortly after this, my wheel bearing on my rear driver side went bad and started making crazy noises. My friend mistakenly diagnosed it as my diff. Being an original open 1.6 diff I believed him and bought a torsen swap. Of course this did not fix the noises and I ended up figuring out myself that it was actually the wheel bearing. Replaced both sides and voila, noise gone.

Sold the EC works for the same reason I sold the Jet Stream headlights, bought Vitaloni Sebrings, and sent a pair of my wheels off to be relipped from 7J to 9J. Finally, my first pair of good sized, awesome wheels.

Looking better. Finally getting a feel for what I wanted the car to look like, I ended up selling the 6.5J MK2 Nathan had sold me, because relipping them would not give the offsets and stagger I was after. A popular thing for a lot of Kaido Racers is stagger, usually an inch or so. My rear wheels were 9J 0, and after looking at SSR's site I decided on a pair of 8J 0 B types for the front.

About a month later. Good wheels in hand, it was time for refinement. Got an R package front lip, some interior bits and stickers from my trip to Japan over the summer where I stayed with Nathan and some other friends, met a bunch of internet friends and saw a TON of insanely good cars. Bummed I didn't get to meet my favorite roadster team, Hanamaru Racing, but I was able to get stickers from them through my other friends that had more time to meet them.

I actually went to Japan before I got the front wheels, but it doesn't matter too much haha.

Got my lip on, got some reproduced old stickers, and lowered the car a lot. Very, very happy with how this looks now.

For the first time, I am stoked on how my car looks and runs. Have a strong 1.6 long nose, torsen diff, entirely new cooling system, brakes, and new seats, MOMO wheel and hub, Trust GREX shift knob, good wheels, good ride height, etc.

To do next: Have 326 short springs on the way so I can lower the rear more, as there is a little rake and the rear needs to sit lower. Painting the car is top priority after that, followed by exhaust work, and eventually Solex carbs. Other than that, more details. Quattro sport wingless bucket seat, Mizuno Works 265mm steering wheel, fog lights, among other things I can't remember.

Thank you for reading! Hope to update soon.
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