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  1. DIY: AUX input for OEM NA Type 1 head unit.
  2. Radio, Cell Phone Integration or full delete?
  3. turn signals light up when brake is pressed
  4. Dash cam options while top is down?
  5. DIY Hakuna 8" subwoofer panel?
  6. NB 12v socket repair
  7. Headlight combination switch issue w/ pictures
  8. 2001 BRG Stereo Bosectomy
  9. 99 NB bose unit
  11. 1990 with Rattling Speaker Grills
  12. Miata Problem...Help!
  13. Power where I dont want it and vica versa
  14. Headlights, interior lights and gauges flickering.
  15. HELP! Cluster lights won't work!
  16. battery tray and tie down
  17. Hard-wired power line
  18. backup camera
  19. Head unit suggestions?
  20. Dash Cams
  21. 1999 - Wife tried welding while driving... now it wont start
  22. Airbag light 99 NB, four long and five short.
  23. NA8C - No Start Trouble Shooting Needed Old Wiring Nightmare
  24. TMS relay location 1990 MX5 running lights, tail light and interior lights are not coming on.
  25. Yes, I broke my powered antenna in a drive-thru car wash.
  26. Please Help?
  27. WTB: 1.8 IAC connector
  28. NA Aftermarket Radio Not Working.
  29. Literally the worst way to run subs
  30. New Nakamichi HUs
  31. Prestige APS-2 Alarm/Ignition-Kill System Issues
  32. Ignition switch wires
  33. Headlights wont go down :/
  34. Part number request
  35. The BASS thread!
  36. Right Turn Signal -MARKER- Intermittently Shuts Off. Turn Signal Still Works
  37. Right turn signal short
  38. NA to NB Window Regulator
  39. NB-8 inch Polk Subwoofers in Door
  40. Need help after audio install. car won't start
  41. Head rest speakers
  42. In-Line Amp Question
  43. Audio cutting in/out....
  44. Last try for a usable stereo, help!
  45. 95 Sensory power antenna signal??
  46. Headlight Problem. Just great.
  47. Wholesale individual LEDs for brake lights?
  48. Stereo cuts out when lights are turned on
  49. NA I need a "guide for dummies" to recover battery mess.
  50. Bluetooth without a radio? Easy.
  51. aerial by-pass
  52. Cluster Ring Diameter
  53. A/C fuse blows instantly
  54. Switchback LED?
  55. alternator, battery, and fusing links replaced... Still having problems
  56. AKE issue
  57. Weird Turn signal problem
  58. M2-1002 Custer Fiddle
  59. Cluster shorting out?
  60. Attempting Cheap-o Aux-In on 05 MSM w/bose
  61. Dakota Digital for NA
  62. [NB2] Low-beams not working (aftermarket HID setup)
  63. I put a sub cab and 6x9s in the deck and it sounds better than average
  64. Can the trunk be accessed from inside the car?
  65. Where did they hide the NA horn?
  66. 3 way component speaker system for NB2?
  67. Hardtop Defrost Wiring on NA8
  68. Ignition Switch Troubles
  69. PIE Box Integration Buzzing
  70. gremlin! shudder.
  71. Help Identifying a Plug
  72. Turn signals flashing faster
  73. Best mic for recording your car?
  74. Clean fm transmitter install
  75. Reverse lights stuck on
  76. 1997 power antenna mast replacement
  77. radio works but doest put out sound
  78. Out with the old and in with the NEW!
  79. LC-2 Wideband Issue
  80. Length of hazard switch wiring?
  81. NB Miata 2nd cigarette Lighter Outlet?
  82. A full audio upgrade
  83. NA headlights randomly turn off
  84. Help wiring NA headrest speakers
  85. Radio shuts off!!
  86. Am confused.. Need small front light help.
  87. Wire Harness has me stoopidfied
  88. NB - Question about Sony Head Unit Install with Metra Harness - Extra Wires
  89. Aftermarket headunit got quiet.. then stopped
  90. What are these connectors for in the trunk?
  91. LED Dome Light
  92. Keyless Entry Install w Door Locks/Trunk Popper
  93. all gauges are off need help
  94. simple s2000 push start relay setup
  95. AEM Wideband wiring and firewall route location
  96. New Polk Audio Components
  97. Stock seat "Shakers"
  98. Electrical problems in my 91, need some advice
  99. Wire tuck issues
  100. Radio dash-kit....?
  101. Please ID these 5 wires/electrical connectors!
  102. Electrical Issue
  103. New setup for our 91'
  104. Can't get my subs to work
  105. Retrosound & VDO
  106. Working oil pressure gauge VS Dummy oil pressure gauge
  107. Alternator Replacement
  108. Waketower speakers on roll bar?
  109. dash lights on when lights off
  110. 2004-compatible keyless remotes
  111. Need Door Locks, Actuators
  112. Weird electrical issue
  113. Audio Advice sought...
  114. Door Lock & Alarm out of Synch
  115. Smashed a connector no clue which pin goes where
  116. NA Antenna best fix/replacement?
  117. least crappy install kit
  118. NA - Electrical issue (light switch and tach)
  119. NB2 OEM Alarm with Aftermarket Alarm?
  120. Need help with headunit/speakers!
  121. Too much amp. Need some suggestions.
  122. Which stereo (in Feb 2014) for an NB/BOSE?
  123. Window lift motor. Why you so pricey?
  124. new wire harness help
  125. Head Unit Not Getting Power
  126. NC Door speakers and sub
  127. Bypassing 04 windblocker Bose speakers?
  128. Weird Radio issue
  129. Can some one ID this wire?
  130. installed rear speakers
  131. Bottomed out really hard and my dash lights went out
  132. advice on my headless unit install?
  133. Possible short?
  134. Power Window Question
  135. What headunit are you happy with and why?
  136. Electrical Issues
  137. Show Off Your Subs!
  138. anyone using a rear sub panel like the carbonmiata one?
  139. OEM Wiring Channels
  140. Viper Alarm install
  141. 6x9s behind the seats
  142. pendrive
  143. Vehicle Wire Gauge
  144. radio issues
  145. Who Is using a portable external HDD...
  146. Headlights wont go up with button or stalk
  147. Battery Shorted Out Steps Prior to Jump
  148. Headrest Speakers
  149. Air Bag deactivation switch 2.0?
  150. Info for those contemplating eBay amps in headless stereos
  151. audio is seats?
  152. Sometimes remote doesn't lock/unlock car. Makes different pitch beeping noises. HELP!
  153. Need help finding Line Out Convertor tap on wire 99 Bose
  154. NA TPS or IAC Problem?
  155. Air Bag Light and Parking Brake Light
  156. MSM electrical issue
  157. Battery keeps dying.
  158. No headlights but i hear a click
  159. Learn me Headlight Motor Wiring
  160. High beams flip up and low beams don't work
  161. NB - Driver and passenger airbag lights flashing
  162. NC guys - How do I light up a cluster?
  163. DIY for Tablet install on NB
  164. Noob audio questions
  165. help with cluster/harness
  166. Miata NA - Radio Shinanigans - *pics inside*
  167. 1990 Radio Cubby
  168. NA Power Window Switch DIY
  169. Electrical Gremlins :(
  170. Trouble removing NB oem head unit
  171. Need help with headlights!
  172. Taillight and parking light trouble
  173. Headunit Wiring Trouble
  174. Late NA Airbag control module pics/questions
  175. Cruise Control Codes
  176. 94 push button start?
  177. Nexus 7 in dash install
  178. Just Another Headunit Less Install? With Sub : )
  179. Rear shelf question.
  180. WTB Sony Cdx1000rf
  181. fixed mast antenna
  182. NA door speakers
  183. NB Headunit install using factory mounts
  184. BSP low pro wiring issue
  185. Amp turn-on wire dead - help needed
  186. Headrest speakers not responding
  187. Nb1 vs nb2 window switch
  188. Gauge cluster and turn signals not working!! Help!
  189. Revs drop then catch
  190. Tried getting radio out, now check engine light
  191. FM signal not picking up
  192. S2000 antena problems
  193. Japan spec 1999nb6 wiring diagram
  194. 95 Audio System Overhaul
  195. Simple/stock-ish looking head-unit
  196. Where to run mic wire form cabin to trunk?
  197. Pulled dash, now tach and gauge cluster lights don't work.
  198. ScanguageII Placement...
  199. NB speaker adapters?
  200. Wiring Types for common switches
  201. double din advice
  202. PLEASE HELP! Power window issue
  203. New speakers
  204. Headlights go up, go down when they feel like it
  205. type of toggle for windows
  206. gauging interest: molded trunk sub enclosure.
  207. replace/relocate door speaker options?
  208. 10 inch Sub in trunk.
  209. NB Radio question
  210. Bose Headunitless, Can it be done?
  211. Head unit suggestions please!
  212. Battery tie down?
  213. Tachometer troubleshooting issue
  214. 90 miata keeps blowing illumination fuse after market raido
  215. fog lights
  216. 91 na stock looking stereo with cd and I phone connect
  217. NB2 Fog Light not working
  218. Headunit suggestions
  219. Car keeps on blowing METER fuse. help please!
  220. How to make one light do everything (blinker, stop, driving lights)?
  221. Running/Corner/Signal Light Issue
  222. Best setup for around 300?
  223. Radio is powered on but no sound.
  224. speakers turning off
  225. headunit that looks stockish but has Bluetooth?
  226. 1991 Fuel pump wiring diagrams
  227. Wiring + switches = meny questions
  228. what radio unit to get?
  229. Where do you guys get door replacement speakers?
  230. Hardtop = Audio Quality?
  231. Door lights stuck on/ door stuck ajar
  232. Lap Timer
  233. Where does everyone put their Amplifiers?
  234. Short Antennas
  235. Na "dancing headlight" issue
  236. [NA] Funky lights
  237. Need some Bluetooth headunit-less radio ideas
  238. Miata light issues!
  239. Radio buzzing
  240. stock wiring help
  241. Help with alarm!
  242. speakers wont work after rain
  243. So I keep popping my fuse
  244. ae101 lambda prob
  245. Clock Spring Screw Size? Help
  246. Best trim kit for single din stereo?
  247. Cruise control won't work
  248. Gauge problem
  249. Window switch connector??
  250. ScanGauge II Code Help Needed